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Time for a Thursday Thoughts link up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!

-I have been so bad about blogging lately. Almost all of my posts have just been Thursday Thoughts posts! At least it keeps me posting once a week, but I would like to post more.

-I have December AND January Citrus Lane, January Sparaj and January Love with Food to post about. I should really get on that.

-S is going to be in his aunt’s wedding this summer as the ring bearer, and my sister in law just sent me links to little suits to consider for him. He is going to be so cute! The problem is that he is still small, and most suits we have seen start at 2T. He still wears 18 month pants, so…yeah. It isn’t for another five months, so who knows how much he will grow in that time. Too bad Tuxedo Junction only rents suits size 4 and up, otherwise we’d be all set to get everything fitting just right on him!

-I made extra coffee for today hoping to get two full mugs (as opposed to barely one mug’s worth). B even commented last night how he usually makes six cups when he noticed I had set it up for eight. And I still only ended up with one mug! Boo. B must be tired if he needed that extra coffee this morning.

-S’s first Parent-Teacher Conference went well. She said he is so much more happy and outgoing than he was when he started in September, and that he is right on track for where he needs to be. The only concern was that all of the boys in the class are into pushing each other and roughhousing, so I asked how she corrects it so I can use the same words at home. Oh, and I learned how much he likes to clean. Apparently if you wake up early from nap-time, you get to help ‘clean’ the classroom to keep busy while the other kids sleep. I was told S loves wiping down anything and everything with wet wipes. I put this to good use last night after dinner, letting S wipe the table, fridge, cabinets, walls, and whatever else he felt like while I washed dishes. And he was happy as a clam to do it! Go figure.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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