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Time for a Thursday Thoughts link up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!

-So, it is Friday, I know, but I was very busy yesterday with S. He woke up with a 102.5 fever so we called the doctor as he had had a (lower) fever the day before and it clearly wasn’t going away. They told me to bring him in right when the opened. Shortly after I hung up, S got sick all over me. Yup, calling the doctor was clearly the right decision. Anyway, long story short, he has a double ear infection. It is his first (and hopefully) last one. Yesterday was spent at the doctor, at the pharmacy, and then just making sure my kiddo was comfortable. Today he seems much better, though still clearly not 100%.

-On a more positive note, S got into the story time program at the library! I was a little late signing him up so we were on the waiting list. I was so excited to get the phone call that we were in! It’s once a week thru mid-May, and I couldn’t be happier about it. This week was our first class and S had a great time! They have it down to a science there from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave. Each week the kids get a stamp on their hand, listen to stories, play with the felt board, play a game, do an art project, get a sticker and sing hello/goodbye. Love it!

-I was pretty bummed about who was kicked off of King of the Nerds night. Actually, no. I was more bummed about who was NOT kicked off of King of the Nerds last night.

-S stayed home from daycare yesterday and I just know the new book order form is sitting in his locker waiting for us! The anticipation is driving me nuts!

-Is it just me or did January just seem to drag on and on? That blizzard that left me snowed in home alone with a toddler seems like ages ago! And it was only three weeks ago. Madness.

-I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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