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Sparaj is a monthly subscription box that delivers unique-to-Asia wellness products to your door each month. I enjoyed last month’s box so I was really excited to dive into this box the minute the mailman delivered it!

January 2014 Sparaj Box

January 2014 Sparaj Box

Thaniya Organic Soy Wax Candle – I received a ‘Sakura’ scented candle, which I would be totally in the dark about if we didn’t sing a song with the same title in elementary school. ‘Sakura’ means ‘Cheery blossom’ and this candle smells amazing. I really like the container it is in as well.

Karmakamet Secret World Herbal Inhaler – This is supposed to help relieve cold and flu symptoms, cough, headache, migraines and allergies if you inhale it. It seems like you are just supposed to open it up and smell it, which I can totally handle. The smell reminds me of Vick Vap-o-rub.

Thann Oriental Essence Aromatherapy Salt Scrub – I am totally saving this for a time when I can enjoy it. IE, not a weekday morning when I am rushing through my shower!

Innisfree It’s Real Bija Mask – This is made with a blend of herb complex waters and other natural ingredients.

Karmakamet Secret World Aromatic Notebook – There is a little scented packet that goes in the back of this. Supposedly the scent will last 2-3 months. I think it is a really neat idea, and I can’t wait to have some notes worthy of recording in here!

Sparaj bag – I really like the bag this month. I’m going to use it to hold my makeup and/or for toiletries when we travel.

*I had a hard time finding links to these products this month. If you know of official websites, please let me know!



This box was received as a prize from an online contest. I was not obligated or otherwise compensated to provide a review. As always, all opinions are my own.


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