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There had been a deal a few weeks back on Plum District to try a Bluum box for $12 + $1 shipping, and I couldn’t resist signing up for it.

Bluum is a monthly subscription box service that delivers products for babies and mommies. Each month’s box has a theme based on how old your child is. This month we received the Lil’ Artiste box for Little Man.

Our box arrived in great condition! Everything inside was in good condition as well, except the stickers were slightly bent on the lower corner. Oh well.

First Look

First Look

The box was pretty packed! I had seen a spoiler from a few months ago, so I wasn’t very surprised with the contents, but that is okay! From what I can gather, bluum has themes for each month, and you get the box depending on your kid’s age. So, if your kid is a few months younger than mine, you’ll get this same box in a few months…I think!

Lil Artiste bluum box

Lil Artiste bluum box

IMG_3525 Crocodile Creek Plush Toy – Max ($9.99) Not really sure what this has to do with being an ‘Artiste’, but it seems to be the main item in this month’s box. It is a cute bunny stuffed animal that I haven’t taken out of the plastic packaging yet because I am not sure yet when we will give this to S. He has so many stuffed animals already, and he ignores them all. Ha ha! Keeping it safe in the plastic seems like a good choice for now, so we can keep it clean.

IMG_3520 Ella’s Kitchen – The Yellow One and Milk and Vanilla Baby cookies – ($1.79, $4.19 respectively) We received similar items in our Citrus Lane box last week, and we have not tried them yet. S is not very picky, so I am sure he will like these. I have seen them at Target, but never purchased them, so it will be fun to try them out as a treat!

IMG_3530 Alex Jr – Tots First Crayons ($4.49) These crayons are nice! They are a triangular shape that will be easy for S to hold on to. The challenge will be to keep him from eating them :-/ Crayons are non-toxic, by the way…that information will save you a call in to poison control. Ha, ha first time mommy problems!

IMG_3529 Alex – My Scribble Pad ($1.95) Something to use with the crayons, of course! We will be using this for sure! Perhaps we will make some Father’s Day drawings if S can handle the crayons!

IMG_3531 Carson Dellosa Publishing – Smile Fun Motivational Stickers ($2.29) S doesn’t have any experience with stickers, so it will be fun to see what he does with these. My mom would love these, as she really, really, really likes Smiley faces! If S can’t handle them now, I am sure he will like them in the near future.

IMG_3533 Pampers Kandoo – Foaming Hand Sanitizer ($1.99) PERFECT! I love hand sanitizers, so this will go right into my purse for when we are out and about! And it foams, so that will be fun for both me and S!

Bluum costs $24.95/month, and I came up with a total of $26.69 for this box using product websites and Amazon for prices. It isn’t bad, but it certainly isn’t a ‘steal’. Considering that I got this box for about half price with my Plum District deal, I am pretty pleased. Oh–and the Max plush is usually $19.99, but it is listed as on sale for $9.99 so I went with that price. If you don’t do that, then you add an extra $10 to the value, making it $36.69 which makes this bluum box a much better deal! 🙂 And of course, you have to consider that shipping was not added into this figure, so the value just goes up from there.

Not sure if we will stick with this for another month. I was pretty impressed with how much stuff was inside the box, but I would like to see what the next month’s theme is before we agree to purchase it. Or I could just age S up to get a box we are more interested in!

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