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Today I am joining the Friday’s Letters link up with The Sweet Season!

Dear S, You are babbling constantly now! You sound like Greedo from Star Wars, and I hope someday you understand what that means and think it is funny! And thanks for being a trooper when we visited Great-grandma today at the nursing home. I know it can be a scary place, but you did a great job!

Dear B, Happy Friday! I’m glad it is the weekend and we all can relax for a few days!

Dear Garage Sales, You were awesome today! I still cannot believe I got a road play rug for S for only $2! And that my mom got those cute golf clubs for S for $2 too! I wish garage sales were this awesome every week!

Dear Big Brother, I am so excited to watch you all summer! Don’t disappoint!

Dear Hammock Pack, I loved this month’s pack! Such a great box! I’ll review you by early next week!

Dear Mom and Dad, Thanks for the Hammock Pack subscription for my birthday! I love it!

Dear Everyone, I hope you have a fun weekend!


Happy Friday everyone!!



Today I am joining the Friday’s Letters link up with The Sweet Season!

Dear S, I know you like the marshmallows in Lucky Charms. You still have to eat the cereal part too. No more of this hiding the cereal, pretending you’re all done and asking for more just to get the marshmallows! I’m on to you!

Dear B, I know I stressed a lot about the patio, fretting over whether it was the right decision and whatnot. But it is done now, we have enjoyed it, and you were right. There, I said it. You. Were. Right. 🙂

Dear Baker from the Farmer’s Market, Please be there again tomorrow! We need more of your delicious baked goods. Please bring many with almond paste in them. Om nom nom. Also, I hope you have a storefront that we can go visit from time to time!

Dear Everyone at Target, Yes, S has a bruise on his forehead. Please stop pointing it out! I feel badly that he has it, but he is a rough and tumble boy, and his doctor said he is fine, so chill. I got this.

Dear Michelle and Ray, Exactly one year until your wedding! B and I are so excited for you guys! Can’t wait!

Happy Friday everyone!!


Today I am joining the Friday’s Letters link up with The Sweet Season!

Dear Department of Motor Vehicles, Thank you for a relatively painless experience yesterday. I just wish I didn’t look like a doofus in my picture. Oh well.

Dear Spell Check, Doofus is a word. You look like a doofus for not agreeing with me.

Dear Mom, Thanks for always making time to help me out when I really need it. I know you have a lot on your plate, so I really appreciate it!

Dear S, Thank you for taking two naps again these past two days. Let’s do it again today, especially if you opt to wake up at 6:15 again like you have been doing lately.

Dear Garage Sale Lady, You were so snooty! Keep your Melissa and Doug puzzle and think of me and how you wouldn’t haggle down your too-high price when no one else buys it.

Dear B, I promise to try to let you have a relaxing weekend! We did so much last weekend and I know you could really use the down time 🙂

Dear Google Reader, Why don’t you just decide to stick around after all? Please?

Dear eight months ago Me, You should have bought the baby gate with the little door in it. What were you thinking? I am tired of hurdling over gates every time I want to get into the kitchen, and my knee still smarts from banging it into the doorknob on Wednesday :-/


Today I am joining the Friday’s Letters link up with The Sweet Season!

Dear B, I am so glad you are home! We missed you while you were on your business trip!! Thanks for working hard for us 🙂

Dear S, What is it about the top of my feet that make you really want to step on them? It really hurts, and I would appreciate it if you would stop. But I know you won’t, as you have been doing it for months and seem to love it. Just say ‘up!’ please! I promise I will pick you up ASAP! But you know you’ll continue to get away with this because you are so stinkin’ cute!

Dear rain and thunderstorms, Please go somewhere else this weekend!

Dear Self, Why don’t you go to sleep at a decent hour today? That would be a good idea.

Dear Tim Hortons Iced Capps, Why are you so delicious? Probably because you are bad for me, right?

Dear iPad, I need some sort of app that will automatically make you turn off after I have looked at you for so long. Perhaps that will help me go to bed at a better time!! Perhaps this is already a feature you provide.

Dear Garage Sales, Please have some good stuff at reasonable prices today! Thanks!

Dear Hidden Valley Animal Adventure, I hope you are awesome! We are visiting you this weekend!

Dear Safety 1st, We love your products, especially your car seats! Your customer service was great, and I am super impressed by how fast our new car seat arrived considering it was shipped free! Can’t wait to put S in it!

Dear Reader, What do you think of my new blog layout?


I thought I would try something new and join the Friday’s Letters link up with The Sweet Season!

Dear Concrete Guy, I was really hoping you’d finish our patio this week, and you didn’t even start it yet. Sad face!

Dear Mourning Doves, Stop building nests near my front door. I do not see this ending well for anyone, so please just find another place to build your home and poop over there.

Dear B, Congratulations on your excellent review at work this week! S and I are so proud of you!

Dear S, It would really help Mommy out if you would figure out what sleep schedule you wanted to be on during the day. When you do, I’m sure I’ll be the first to know, but can it please be soon? Also, sorry Daddy and I were talking outside your room late last night and woke you up! Thanks for falling back to sleep relatively quickly though 🙂

Dear Rain, Are you coming, or do I need to go water the garden?

Dear Citrus Lane Box, Please arrive soon! It is so hard to resist looking at spoilers online!

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