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Time for a Thursday Thoughts link up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!

-When I picked S up at daycare on Tuesday I was told by one person that he is turning into quite the comedian and by another person that he is turning into quite the daredevil. I can only imagine what next week’s parent-teacher conference will reveal!

-Speaking of, I am surprised we are getting a parent-teacher conference! (All of the kids are.) I figured we’d get one when he got to preschool or kindergarten, but he is only in daycare. Should I be preparing for this with questions and such? And if so, what kind of questions?

-I still haven’t done a review of the December Citrus Lane box and our January one should be here today. Oops! I think I’ll be posting them both next week.

-I went out for coffee with some of my best friends on Tuesday, and we were reminiscing about “The Old Days”, specifically about this locker note scandal in eighth grade where a bunch of girls got these really mean notes in their lockers. To this day we don’t know who did it but we all have different ideas about who did it and we are super curious to solve the mystery. Maybe the culprit will confess on Facebook. Probably not, but it would be nice!! No one is mad about it any more, of course, and we just want to know!

Happy Thursday!