Hammock Pack is a monthly subscription box service that sends everything you need to take a mini getaway without actually going away! Hammock Pack costs $25/month plus $5 shipping. They ship USPS priority mail and it is the fastest box I get each month. Everything else takes about a week, but Hammock Pack takes two days, which I love!

I should mention that this pack arrived on time in December, and it is me who is behind on posting a review! The holidays will do that to a person sometimes!


December 2013 Hammock Pack

December’s theme was “Our Favorites” featuring favorite products from this past year’s boxes. Here is what was inside:

Ticket Kitchen Grasshopper Pie Bar and Hot Chocolate on a Stick – Both of these were delicious! I was a little skeptical of the hot chocolate on a stick because mine was 3 chili flavored, but it was actually really good!

Baggu Reusable Tote Bag – This has already come in handy! It is the perfect size for all of the things S ‘needs’ for sleeping (pillow, blanket, star projector night light, three stuffed animals) so we put it to good use when we traveled to Grandma and Grandpa’s over the holidays.

Lark Fine Foods Krinkle Cookies – These are really good. They are super crispy, but you can get around that by dunking them in a glass of milk!

Firebird Bath & Body Body Lotion – This smells really good – almost like minty baby lotion, and it is a super soft lotion as well. I really like that it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin.

Sweet Lydia’s Mint Chip S’more – This is the only thing that hasn’t been used/eaten yet. I think I will be passing it B’s way since he likes marshmallow 100xs more than I do.

I really liked this month’s box, and everything was new to me even though I have received all of the Hammock Packs since June 2013.

Did you get the December Hammock Pack? What did you think? What flavor hot chocolate did you get? What pattern is your Baggu? I heard there were some cute ones sent out!


I won this month’s box as part of a giveaway on Hammock Pack’s facebook page. I was not required to or compensated to provide this review. All opinions, as always, are my own.