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Time for a Thursday Thoughts link up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!

-Yes, it is Friday. I am thrown off this week by the holiday, B being home from work, and the fact that all three of us are under the weather. I decided to post today anyway!

-I miss watching Survivor. Is it time for the next season yet? I think they said February, right? Just a few more weeks!

-I am thinking about my friend D. It has been ages since we have talked or texted, and we usually make a point to compare notes after Survivor and/or Project Runway each week. Things have gotten busy for both of us these past few weeks and we didn’t even get to discuss the Survivor finale yet! I miss you D!! Phone date soon!

-B’s car wouldn’t start this morning. We are hoping that it is because it is so cold outside and that we can easily fix it this weekend. He took my car to work today, so S and I have been trying to find fun things to do around the house. Right now he is napping!

-Yesterday I was told that S is now the oldest kid in his daycare class. I wonder if that means they’ll move him soon. His class is for 18-30 month olds, and the next class up is 2-3 years, so there is some overlap there. S is almost 25 months old, so they will move him by June, I guess. I should have asked what we need to be working on in order for him to fit into the older class. Probably speaking in sentences and potty training.

-I need a good book to read. Something easy to pick up and put down, and not depressing or scary. Ideas?

Happy Friday!