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Time for a Thursday Thoughts link up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!

-I forgot to write a Weekend Recap post on Monday! Oops! Probably because I worked Monday instead of Tuesday, and then Tuesday was Christmas Eve! I’ll do a Christmas post in a bit and include everything!
-I cannot believe that Christmas has come and gone already! It doesn’t seem possible! Christmas on a Wednesday is no fun, as you have to get back to everything on Thursday. B and I had to work today, which meant S had to go to daycare. Sad times.
-Speaking of daycare, drop off was hard today. Not too many kids were there, and the regular teachers were at an all day training session. No one seemed happy to be there, from the kids to the substitute teachers/aides. S didn’t want to let me go! It is hard when you change a kid’s routine, and not having the same adults as usual was hard on him I think. But training is important, and I’m glad our center takes the time to train their staff well!
-I hope this snow sticks around til the weekend so we can get out and snowshoe, or at least play in the backyard again! We have about 3 inches, but it is supposed to warm up again. 😦
-I am excited about Target’s Christmas clearance! I hope we can get some good deals. I would love new stockings for next year, and we need a new tree. I should probably shop sooner rather than later!
Happy Thursday!