Oh my goodness, is it Monday already? S and I are both sick, so I am a bit out of it!

Saturday we were excited because B was home! He had a last minute business trip that lasted two days longer than expected Tuesday-Friday and didn’t get home til after midnight Friday night/Saturday morning. S and I sure missed him, and S was so excited when B came in in the morning to get him out of his crib!

We had big plans on Saturday to go snowshoeing and then go to the Festival of Lights, but it was so bitter cold outside that we decided to skip the snowshoeing, and then the roads were horrible at night, so we had to push back the Festival of Lights trip! Sad times, but it was probably just as well since S and I were starting to come down with colds.

Sunday we took a trip to the grocery store and then B went out skiing while S napped. Unfortunately, S didn’t nap for very long and he woke up with a fever, so he and I spent a few hours cuddling on the couch, hoping he’d feel better soon!

This morning S is feeling a lot better, but he’s still stuck with a runny nose. I’m feeling like I am one step behind myself, if you know what I mean. I’m off to rest while S naps. Take care everyone!