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Time for a Thursday Thoughts link up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!

-I still cannot believe that S is two years old!

-I am wondering what S could possibly have wanted last night when he kept saying “No bay!” or “Nobay”. It started after his nap and he was still saying it when I put him in his crib at bedtime. He was more and more upset over it as the day went on, but nothing I offered made it better. Maybe he was just overtired? And he asked for it again this morning. Maybe he is saying “No way”? That just doesn’t seem to fit with what is going on when he says it though. Hmm.

-I cannot seem to get into the Sing-Off this time around. No one is really grabbing my attention. Am I missing something?

-Survivor is over on Sunday. Who are you rooting for? I can’t decide. I’d like Hayden to win, but I don’t think that will happen. I am also curious to watch the reunion show and find out if he and Kat are still together, or if he decided that he actually couldn’t be with someone who didn’t make it to the merge. Ha.

-I need to find a good neighborhood to drive around and see their Christmas lights. I drive S around our block on our way home from daycare, but it is getting boring for me (he still loves it though) so I was thinking of just driving around other neighborhoods and hoping some people have some nice lights. He will be sad when people take their lights down after Christmas for sure! He likes yelling “Light!” and “Wow!” as we drive by.

-I was looking up the weather yesterday and I noticed that on you can now click buttons that say ‘Love’ or ‘Ugh’ to share your mood about your current weather. WHAT PURPOSE DOES THIS SERVE? It isn’t like the weather is going to change if enough people click ‘Ugh’. If you click the buttons, it prompts you to allow them to post it to Facebook for you. Um, no thanks. I bother my Facebook friends enough with pictures of my kid, and links to enter online contests.

Anyway, that’s all from here. Hope you have a great Thursday!