Wow, what a weekend we had! It included two parties, two trips to the grocery store, a cancelled visit to see Santa and a trip thru the car wash!

Saturday morning we ran to the grocery store because we changed our minds at the last minute about what we’d serve at S’s birthday party later that day and we needed a few things to accommodate this change. S loves the grocery store though, so he was happy. He even got a compliment on his winter hat, so he was all smiles.

After that we headed to my grandmother’s nursing home to go to the holiday party they were having. You could sign up to have your picture taken with Santa and Mrs. Claus with your loved one, so that is what we did. My mom, dad, brother, grandmother, B, S and I all crammed into the picture with Mr and Mrs Claus. Hopefully it turned out! We’ll get to see it in a few days.

Then we came home to eat lunch and put S down for his nap. We used that time to finish getting the house ready and to make food for the party. S woke up just before B’s parents, sister and future brother-in-law got here, and he was ready to party! My parents, brother and aunt came as well and we had fun visiting, playing with S, and playing a game of Place the Nose on Elmo. S loved having everyone here, and he did a great job blowing out his candle.

Sunday we did our usual grocery shopping and we planned to go see Santa afterward, but when we got there, the line was out the door and the parking lot was full! We were not prepared to stand outside for that long 9it was cold!) so we decided to try again next week. My back up plan was to take the car through the car wash. It sounds horribly boring, but S has never been through the car wash, and he LOVED it! The look on his face as the water sprayed on the car and the giant tentacle things scrubbed the car was amazing! He asked to go through again when it was all done, ha ha!

We gave S his presents from us after his nap. B had brought back some toys from IKEA when he went on a trip back in September (I think) and we saved them for his birthday. They were a huge hit! So far though I think his favorite present is that we haven’t put back the baby gates that blocked the kitchen off (we took them down for his party). I must say that I am also enjoying having the gates down, and not having to do the hurdles every time I want to go into the kitchen! Hopefully S can handle having them down for good!!