Wow! What a weekend, especially when you consider that our weekend really started on Wednesday afternoon when we loaded up in the car and headed to B’s parents’ house for Thanksgiving! That’s a four and a half day weekend right there!

We left Wednesday afternoon in hopes that S would nap in the car on the way to his grandparents’ house. S had other ideas and remained awake for the entire trip! So we arrived just before dinner time with a wound up toddler and way too much luggage for a three night visit. I try not to bring unnecessary things, but I always seem to over-pack. Oh well…at least it all fit into the car with room to spare! S enjoyed visiting with his grandparents, great aunt and uncle, and his aunt and future uncle (B’s sister is engaged).

Thursday morning I went to my very first Zumba class with B’s mom and sister. I had a great time, and it wasn’t like I expected at all! I thought they would call out the names of steps to do, but they didn’t. The instructor was very easy to follow, and she encouraged you to just have fun with it and keep moving even if you couldn’t do the exact thing she was doing. It was great to get moving and then not feel too guilty about having a slice of pie later in the day!

Thanksgiving Day yogurt

Happy about his Thanksgiving Day yogurt

We enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner with B’s family around 1PM. In the evening we watched A Muppet Christmas Carol and S really enjoyed it! It was the first time he had ever sat through a movie and I was impressed with how it held his attention.

Friday we did a little shopping in the late morning and the crowds weren’t that bad at all, though we were at a strip mall, not an actual mall, so that probably made a difference. Target was the most crowded, but we didn’t really get much so I was able to go through the express lane without waiting in line! B and his dad took S to go take train photos after we went to Target, and I kept shopping with B’s mom. I got a few more Christmas presents and the supplies for S to make some presents as well.

In the evening we went to see a Christmas light display with B’s sister. S really liked seeing all of the lights, and he put up with all three of us saying “S, can you say ___” as we drove through and pointed out the different lights to him. “S, can you say Christmas Tree?” “S, can you say Santa?” “S, can you say football?”, etc.

Saturday we headed back home, unpacked, grocery shopped and recovered from our trip! We were all pretty tired!

On Sunday we went out snowshoeing for the first time this season! S had fun riding around his sled that B was pulling behind him. It was great to get outside and get some fresh air! Later, I met up with a friend for coffee and shopping while B stayed home with S during his nap. When I got home, B and S were making a snowman in our backyard!

S and Me snowshoeing

S and Me snowshoeing

And now it is back to our usual M-F routine, with prep for S’s birthday party thrown in!

Happy Cyber Monday!