It was super cold and windy here this weekend, so it was a nice weekend to do some indoor activities. On Saturday we did all of our grocery shopping, and B got a haircut. My parents watched S for us afterward and B and I were able to go buy a few Christmas presents and enjoy a dinner date night. We hadn’t had a date night since February, so it was really nice to have the chance to get out without S.

Sunday we hadn’t planned on doing much, but I ended up running to two Targets to try to get a Christmas gift for B that we had seen in the ad. Luckily the second store had it in stock. Now I just need to wrap it! During S’s naptime we made a batch of homemade playdoh. S has never played with playdoh before, so it was a fun treat for him when he woke up! He really liked cutting it and rolling it between his fingers.




Stretching the playdoh