Our weekend started on Friday night when we went to my parents’ house to visit. My cousin was in from out of town, so she and my aunt were there too. We had fun catching up before, during and after dinner. My cousin hadn’t seen S since he was about two weeks old, so it was great that she was able to see him again. He sure is a lot different now than he was at two weeks old though!

Saturday S had a lot of energy to use up so we spent some time outside raking leaves for him to jump in. He had a blast and got good and messy! We also enjoyed grocery shopping during free sample time at Wegmans. They were introducing all of their holiday stuff so there were tons of things to try. While it is super crowded during these events, S loves sampling the food so we always make a point to go shopping then.

Leaf pile!

Leaf pile!

Sunday was a pretty cruddy day outside, so we had fun inside. I finished making S his felt toddler Christmas tree, so we hung it up to play with even though it isn’t Thanksgiving yet! He really likes putting the ornaments on the tree, but he gets mad when you take them off.



This morning we enjoyed walking around the mall with my mom and my aunt, and then we had a delicious lunch at Ruby Tuesday. I was thinking of running to Target with S when he wakes up from his nap, but it is still so windy outside, so I think we’ll just stay in!