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Time for a Thursday Thoughts link up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!

-I think I am addicted to Target’s holiday clearance. 90% off Halloween stuff? Yes, please! I just wish there had been some costumes in S’s size so we could play dressup throughout the year. Or at least some more hats.
He loves the fire chief helmet I bought for him when stuff was only 50% off.
-I so wanted Laura B to get back into the game last night on Survivor! Watching her was fun; watching Laura M is just annoying.
-I sent out the invites for my friends’ 18th Annual Secret Santa Exchange through Elfster yesterday. I always give everyone a week to respond, and then it automatically draws names. But if people respond faster, I can manually tell it to draw names now. I am hoping that we are all set to draw later today, because I am overly excited to get my match this year!!
-I am getting my X-mas card list in order too. Updating addresses, changing names to reflect marriages, changing it from ‘Mr. and Mrs. XYZ’ to ‘The XYZ Family’ to reflect births, etc. Every year I say I cam going to cut out the people who don’t send us cards back, but every year I seem to have a hard time and make excuses. For example, last year was our first year in this house so perhaps people didn’t know our new address. But still, our list is a little out of control. (48 cards!) How many cards do you send? Who makes the cut?
-I think it should be illegal to stand outside of a polling place and ask people to vote for you. I know there is a rule about being 100 feet away, but still. There were three people I had to walk through to go vote this year, standing at 115 feet, 110 feet and 105 feet from the polling place! Ridiculous! The man at the registration table saw my hands full of their flyers and he told me where the trash can was without me asking. I guess we know what he thought of those people…but I couldn’t throw that stuff out there. I didn’t want them to see their flyers in the trash when they came in to vote later. I would be sad if it were my flyer, you know?
That’s all for now! Have a great Thursday!