Sadly this is the last month for Goodies Co subscriptions. They announced earlier this month that their service would be ending after this month’s box. Goodies will be missed, as will the cheap $7/month subscription price!

October 2013 Goodies Co

October 2013 Goodies Co

I was so excited as I was opening this box as I didn’t see one item that we wouldn’t use. Way to go out with a bang, Goodies!

Greek Yogurt by Happy Family – S loves pouches, so we were happy to see a pouch included in the box.

Chocolate Sunbutter Bar by Enjoy Life – I took this with me to work the other day, and it was a nice mid-morning snack. I think it could have been a bit more chocolatey though.

Special K Nourish Oatmeal – I am saving this for a cold winter morning or a morning when I am in more of a rush to get out the door.

Very Beary Crunch by Lunchables – We are planning on taking this with us next time we go visit B’s parents. S always wants a snack at some point during our road trip, and this will offer a nice variety: cheesy crackers, teddy grams, and dried fruit.

Original Praline Chocolate by Guylian – These look delicious! I cannot wait to share them with B soon!

Easy Make Focaccia Bread mix – This also looks delicious. I plan to make it next time we have Italian food for dinner.

Spiced Tea Latte by Caffe D’Vita – I am saving this for when B is out of town and I don’t have any coffee. Sure, I could make coffee, but it seems like a waste to use the coffee pot just for myself. This will be perfect.

Choco Pie Fluffy Biscuit – This has B’s name written all over it. I imagine he’ll take it with him on his next business trip.


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