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Time for a Thursday Thoughts link up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!

-Why do people honk when you are waiting to turn right at a red light? There is nothing that says that I have to turn right on red. Maybe I’d rather play it safe and wait for the light to turn green.

-I wish there were adult reading level books included on the monthly book order form from Scholastic. I am having fun picking new books for S though.

-On Monday B read three longer stories to S for bedtime. They were reading for about 30 minutes, and S sat and listened to every word. Now if I tried to read a long story to S, he’d jump off of my lap in about thirty seconds. What gives?

-I was so excited to take S trick-or-treating tonight, but now it looks like it will be raining 😦 Let’s hope it isn’t raining too hard, so we can at least take him to a few houses. I am not taking my toddler out if it is pouring rain. At least we didn’t really talk up how cool trick-or-treating was, and we were able to go to that trick-or-treat event over the weekend, so he at least had some Halloween fun. Again, fingers crossed that the rain stops!

-I am glad the Red Sox won last night! I am all about the Atlanta Braves, but if they aren’t playing, then I support B’s team: The Boston Red Sox. B was so excited that he said he wanted to wake S up to watch the end of the game. That was short lived though, once I gave him the “Are you out of your mind?” look, and said that he’d probably miss the end of the game if he went back to S’s room right then. Heh. Maybe if S were, say, 4 or 5 and could fall back to sleep on his own. 🙂

-All of the little kids were so cute at daycare drop off today. They weren’t allowed to wear costumes, but they all had Halloween shirts on. S has his spider shirt on, and he ran up to another boy who had a spider on his shirt and they were pointing at each other’s shirts and smiling. So cute!

-I feel bad for Laura B on Survivor. She is so excited about playing and trying so hard to play the strategy she has put a lot of thought into, but it just comes out as awkward. I hope she wins next week on Redemption Island and comes back into the game.

-I am so close to getting the reward I have been saving all of our Pampers Gifts to Grow points for! Did you see they released a code for 50 points today that is only good until 7PM EST? It’s: FBTRI707896P613. That really helped me out! I only need 122 more til I get that plasma car 🙂 Yahoo!

That’s all from here! Happy Halloween!! 🙂