Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box service geared toward kids ages 0-5. The items you receive are specifically selected for your child’s gender and age group.

S received the 23 month old boy box this month. Here is what was inside:

October 2013 Citrus Lane Box

October 2013 Citrus Lane Box

Boat Whistle from Green Tones – S loves this! I wasn’t sure he’d be able to blow the whistle himself, but he sure learned quickly!

Water Bugs from Boon – Ah, bath toys. I myself an anti-bath toy. Luckily for S, Daddy gives the baths around here, and Daddy is all about the bath toys. S loves scooping up the bugs in the net and I think he could happily play with this for hours.

BOPS from Good Boy Organics – We received these in a Love with Food box recently, and S liked them then, so I know he’ll like them now.

Babybug from Cricket Magazine – This is a cute magazine for young children, and it is more durable than a regular magazine.

Babybug 3 month digital subscription from Cricket Magazine – We haven’t taken advantage of this yet, but I am sure we will. S loves playing with my iPad, so I am sure he will welcome a new app to play with.

Another great box from Citrus Lane! S really does love receiving these each month, and this month B was able to open the box and go through it with S. That was a nice treat for them both!

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