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Time for a Thursday Thoughts link up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!

-I finally remembered to change the Thursday Thoughts button! Yahoo!

-I still haven’t written a review of our October Citrus Lane box, and I have had it for over a week. Oops. Maybe tomorrow?

-I was a bit disappointed in the tribe shake up on Survivor last night. I think it could have been a lot more interesting if more people were able to play with their loved ones. Though maybe there aren’t too many people left that have their loved ones in the game? Let’s see: Aras and Vytas, Tina and Katie, and Kat and Hayden. Did I miss some? Probably.

-I finally remembered to dig out my gloves! My walk from my car to the library will be so much more pleasant today thanks to having gloves on!

-My friends and I have been doing Secret Santa exchanges since we were twelve. That is a lot of years! I am starting to think about this year’s exchange and whether or not we should change it up with a theme or a different price range and whatnot. I came up with a bunch of theme ideas, and so far everyone seems to think a theme would be fun, but they have no preference on what it should be. I cannot decide (we are all pretty indecisive) so does anyone have any fun exchange theme ideas? These are what I had come up with:
  • Something to read
  • Something to eat
  • Something to watch
  • Something for the kitchen
  • Something green
  • Something that is a Christmas decoration, etc.

-That reminds me of the birthday/Christmas gift thing I had seen last year before S’s birthday. I think it was a Victorian idea or something like that on how to not spoil your kid with gifts. You give them something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. If only I could stick to that…maybe when he’s older.

-S came home with his first art project from daycare! It is a butterfly and I think they decorated it with shaving cream and paint. I’m not sure about that, but it is really cute 🙂 They had them hanging on the wall in the hallway, and now they have been replaced with apples that seem to be decorated in the same way.


That’s it from here. I hope everyone has a great day!