We had a great weekend this past weekend! I hope you did too!

On Saturday we took S to meet Curious George at a local bookstore. When we walked in, Curious George was standing in the middle of the room, and S lit up with a huge smile the minute he saw George! It was very informal, with George just kind of milling about interacting with kids that came up to him, and S gave him a lot of high fives. We didn’t get a good photo of them together, but S was very excited and he had a great time. They had a lot of toys set up at the bookstore as well, so he had fun playing with trains, trucks, animals, and coloring Curious George pictures. I wish it had been a bit more organized with a handler for George and a person greeting you as you walked into the store explaining what there was to do, but I think that is just the librarian in me, and my former experience with children’s programs at the library. S had a good time, and that’s what is important.

A split second after a high five!

A split second after a high five!

After the bookstore, we met up with my parents and brother to have lunch with my mom’s cousin and her husband at Tully’s. S loves Tully’s, as everything is sports themed and he loves watching games with balls. We all had a nice visit and a good meal.

I ran a few errands while S took his nap and B had some downtime. We took it easy for the rest of the day after that as we were all pretty exhausted from a long week.

Sunday we went to the Botanical Gardens. They were having free admission that day, so it was especially nice! S likes to look at the plants and the fountains, and of course play in the play area they have set up for kids.

I'd like some of these in my garden. They were huge!

I’d like some of these in my garden. They were huge!


S with plants

Outside the Botanical Gardens, S enjoyed these huge plants that made a great rustling sound when the wind blew. He was laughing so hard at the noise and dancing as the plants moved. It was really cute!

S with the loud plant

S with the loud plant

We tried to get some family pictures with the camera’s self timer. S really enjoyed pressing the button and then running back into position.



B even let S take his very first photo with a camera (as opposed to the ipad)

S's first real photograph

S’s first real photograph

On the way home we stopped to see some trains go by, which was a huge hit with S. One last stop for lunch from Tim Horton’s, and it was a great morning! After S’s nap we went to the grocery store and came home to make chili. Another great day!