Last week I took S’s daycare blanket home in order to wash it. I put it in the laundry bin, and then I didn’t do any towels/sheets all weekend, so the blanket remained unwashed.

Today I noticed something missing in S’s locker when I dropped him off: a blanket! Whoops! I left, figuring he’d be okay as he doesn’t get to use a blanket at home, so what difference would it make? Then I remembered how he asks for a blanket when he nurses before bed, and I started to feel badly about it. I grabbed another blanket and ran back to daycare to drop it off for him.

Fast-forward to pickup time. S’s note says all the toddlers had their naps cut short for a fire drill (seriously?) I go to his locker to get his coat, and someone else’s blanket is in there. But we have the correct pillow. I returned the blanket to his room, and they opened all the other lockers real quick to see where S’s blanket was. Answer: not in any of the lockers. I imagine it was hectic trying to get everything all cleaned up from nap time after the fire drill, but why do we have the correct pillow and the wrong blanket? Perhaps I should have just let him go blanketless? Hopefully whoever it was sent home with returns it and we get our blanket back soon! I’m just glad S doesn’t need it to sleep at home. Can you imagine?