What a fun weekend we had! B took a half day on Friday and we headed off to visit his parents once he arrived home. We planned our trip time in the hopes of getting S to nap in the car, which he did for about 45-60 minutes. The rest of the time he was pretty good, taking in the ‘scenery’ of the thruway.

Saturday we went apple picking with B’s family. The really spiffed up the place that we usually go to with them, and everyone had a really nice time. There was something for everyone: from play tractors to apple vodka tastings and everything in between. S loved picking apples from the trees, going down a giant slide with me, playing with the toy tractors, riding the real tractor out to the orchard, checking out pumpkins and tasting different kinds of apples. They were picking Empires and Cortlands, and we came home with a whole bunch of each. I’ll be making applesauce and apple crisp from them, and we will also just eat them plain. B will probably make some into baked apples too.


Fresh picked!


Mini John Deere

S with fall items

S with fall items

Later in the day our friends came over with their daughter and the kids played while we got to catch up with them. It was a fun time. Their daughter is adorable!

B and his dad took S out to take pictures of trains in the later afternoon. I guess S slept through most of it, but enjoyed the part he was awake for.

Sunday we went to the pumpkin patch and picked up some pumpkins for our stoop. S loved them! They also had animals that you could feed and pet, and they had a wheat box, which was like a sandbox only filled with wheat. S had fun left and right!



He really wanted to push the wheel barrel.

He really wanted to push it, but it was too heavy.

I had a great time this weekend. Apple picking and pumpkin buying are on my Fall must-do list each year! I love doing these things with S now too! He loves exploring new things, and the smile on his face in these photos just melts my heart!