Thursday Thoughts

Time for a Thursday Thoughts link up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!

-Is it just me, or is this Redemption Island twist on Survivor is making the episodes seem shorter? There is less time for the paranoia and whatnot when we have to watch a three person duel each week. A truel? A battle? They should rename it a battle if they want to have three people compete.

-I still have not received my September Goodies Co box. I received an email last Friday that they goofed and forgot to send it. The tracking says that it should be here by tomorrow though. We shall see! I hope it was worth the wait.

-S had such a good drop off at daycare today! He was a bit upset, but he walked over to his teacher and they waved at me out of the window. And he always says he wants to go in the morning (except that one day that he was really sick and we didn’t send him) It helps too that I am now able to see the weekly newsletter and hype up the planned activities for him in the morning. And I found the lunch menu online so we can talk about that each morning too. Tonight is the open house. I am hoping that goes well; I think it will really confuse S to be going BACK to daycare about an hour after leaving.

-I am very excited about apple picking this weekend! I think we should bring a few different bags to keep the varieties separated. I guess they have really changed things around too, so I am looking forward to checking out all of the changes.

-Where are all of S’s socks? I seriously have six matchless socks in his drawer right now. I checked the car this morning and I think I found two of the missing socks, but also about three additional pairs in there. But where are the other four socks? Maybe I should start putting all of his socks in a laundry bag so they don’t stick to other clothes when we fold them. I’ll bet that is where they all are: folded into shirts and pants.

That’s it from here. What’s on your mind today?