Thursday Thoughts

Time for a Thursday Thoughts link up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!

-Where is my Goodies Co box? Seriously. I haven’t even gotten tracking email and so many people have already gotten their boxes. Grump face.

-Yesterday I bought a potty seat for S. He wanted to sit on the toilet the other day, so it seemed like it was time to at least gather the tools for potty training. I know he’s not fully ready, but I need to be a few steps ahead of him!

-My car was due for inspection, and I always hold my breath that something will be wrong, or something will only “just pass” and I’ll have to do some repairs soon. This time? Nothing. Just a phone call saying: “Your car is ready to be picked up.” Say what? You don’t want to suggest my brake pads are slightly worn? Or that my thingamabobber needs replacing? Excellent. Here’s my $16, see you next year.

-Daycare drop offs and pick ups are still challenging. S is upset now when we turn down the street that the daycare is on. I’m told he calms down a bit after I leave and then gets upset as kids start getting picked up at the end of the day. Tuesday he was crying when I dropped him off, but he actually reached for his teacher when she gestured to him to come to her arms from my arms. So that’s an improvement. And I was done with work a bit early, so I was actually the second Mommy to get their toddler. S started crying when he saw me and ran straight for me, as usual. I guess he did calm down a lot faster this time. Hopefully it gets better and better each time. Next week there is an open house on Thursday evening. We are going for sure, but I am dreading how S will respond to returning to daycare shortly after being picked up!

-I placed a Scholastic book order for S! B agreed that we needed all of the books that I had picked out, so we are getting them all! Ha ha! It was neat to be able to order them online too, rather than filling out the little paper form. (The form is still a choice, but with our rough drop offs, I figured it’d be easier to not have to hand off a paper form, a check AND my screaming toddler at the same time) I am excited to get our books and the next book order form!

-I’m thinking I need to find a Halloween costume for S. We also need to decide if we want to take him trick or treating. He’ll be almost 23 months at Halloween. Any suggestions?

-I guess I should start thinking about S’s birthday party as well. Both sets of grandparents have now asked us when it is going to be.

That’s it from here. What’s on your mind today?