I feel like I have missed a few Weekend Recap posts. Here is a brief summary, for those who are wondering what we did:

Two weeks ago, B’s parents came to visit. We took them down to the waterfront to walk around. S and his grandma played in the big sandbox.

Last week our friends came to visit with their daughter. We met them at the waterfront to see the Big Ships that were in town. The kids played in the big sandbox.

Big Ship

Big Ship

This past weekend we took it easy. S is recovering from his allergies/cold. I still really think his problem is mostly allergy related, as his symptoms match mine when I have an allergy problem: stuffed up/runny nose for about a week, then a horrible cough for another week as everything breaks up. In short: yuck.

We promised S that we would take him to the Zoo this weekend though, if he was feeling better. He is so much better, but not 100%. He is behaving like himself though, so we figured we’d go. S enjoyed it for a little while. He liked the elephants, and then he liked the rhino. He insisted on walking instead of riding in the stroller, which was fine. When he started getting tired we put him in the stroller and continued through the zoo. He saw the carousel, and excitedly pointed at it. S has never ridden a carousel but we had some free ride coupons, so we figured why not? He loved watching it as we stood in line. He liked seeing the horses up close when we got on the ride. But then we tried to sit him on one of the horses. Nope, he wasn’t having any of that! Afterward, he had pretty much had enough, so we headed home.

Looking at the pictures we have, you’d like S was only interested in the benches at the zoo. He wanted to climb on them all, not check out the animals. Typical toddler.


Bench at the Rhino Exhibit


Bench in the wooded pond exhibit


Bench in the farm animal exhibit

I hope you had a nice weekend!