Thursday Thoughts

Time for a Thursday Thoughts link up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!-

-I just noticed that I never did a weekend recap post and now it is Thursday. Oops?! Oh well. We had a great weekend, and a little mini vacation including S’s first stay in a hotel. It was a great time. Perhaps I will post on it tomorrow.

-S starts daycare on Tuesday. I am super nervous about it. And I guess I need to label all of his clothes? How do you do that? Does that mean you can’t resell the clothes at a consignment shop later when he outgrows them? I also need to find him a pillow and a blanket to use for naptime. He isn’t allowed pillows and blankets at home, but apparently at daycare he needs them? Le sigh.

-As nervous as I am about daycare, S seems excited about it. He has been there three times during the whole registration process, and he loved playing in the classroom. The other times he was trying to get down and go to he classroom (we were in the office doing paperwork). He never wants to leave when we have to go either.

-My new job requires me to go back to where I went to college on a regular basis. It is so weird being back there, and it certainly makes me feel old, overhearing the woes of 18-22 year olds. I walk past where I used to eat lunch with my friends, and it seems exactly the same, only today no one was there due to it being Rosh Hashanah so I could see how beaten up the tables and chairs have gotten. Seriously, the stuffing is exploding out of most of the seats. It makes me sad.

-Yesterday my dad sold my old car. Talk about making me sad! That car drove me to so many important things in my life: HS graduation, College graduation, B’s College graduation, My Masters’ graduation ceremony, My wedding day, Our honeymoon, Moving four times, to the hospital to have S, home from the hospital with S, just to name a few. I will miss you, my Storm Trooper Helmet car.


S, Me and the Storm Trooper Helmet

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