August 2013 Hammock Pack

August 2013 Hammock Pack

Hammock Pack is a monthly subscription box service that sends everything you need to take a mini getaway without actually going away! Hammock Pack costs $25/month plus $5 shipping. They ship USPS priority mail and it is the fastest box I get each month. Everything else takes about a week, but Hammock Pack takes two days. Love.

This month’s theme was “Hot Air Balloon Ride”. I wasn’t really sure what that meant, but the info card tells me that it means the box contains healthy snacks to enjoy on your ride and hair accessories to keep your hair looking nice.


Breakfast cookie

Morning Sunshine Breakfast Cookie – This cookie is huge! I mean, it is big around, sure, but it is probably an inch tall too. Maybe more! I definitely think it would fill me up at breakfast time.


Hand Cream

Deep Steep Hand Cream – I received the tangerine melon scent. I have heard a lot of good things about Deep Steep, but I am not sure this is for me. My skin is sensitive so I am leery about trying new stuff out. Has anyone else with sensitive skin tried this?


Hair Ties

TwistBand Hair Ties – I have always admired this style of hair tie, but I have never bothered to buy any of them, or make any of them myself. I always wondered if the little knot would snag my hair, so I was excited to try them out this morning as an experiment. I am happy to report that my hair was NOT snagged on these, and they even seem to hold my hair better than my usual elastic ties. I really like these colors too, as they go well with most of my wardrobe!


Bobby Pins

Jane Tran Bobby Pins – These were the main item in this month’s Hammock Pack. They are really cute with the polka dot design.


Chai Bliss Almonds

Olomomo Nuts Chai Bliss Almonds – I wasn’t sure what to think of these at first, but I did like them. They are sweet and, of course, taste like chai tea.

What I missed from this month’s box was something to do. June had a book to read, July had the drink mix to invite your friends over to drink with you, but this box doesn’t have anything like that. I still enjoyed it though!

This was the last pack in the three month subscription that my parents gave me for my birthday. I definitely like the idea behind Hammock Pack, and I plan to look into extending my subscription.

Did you get a Hammock Pack this month? What did you think?


I was not compensated to provide this review. All opinions, as always, are my own.