Saturday we had a fun filled day! We started out by hitting the local farmers market and buying a whole bunch of fresh fruits and vegetables. S loves checking out everything for sale, and this time was no exception! After that we headed to the park for a fun walk along the boardwalks and by the creek. S’s favorite thing was the playground, of course, which we enjoyed for a while at the end of our walk.


S @ the park

After lunch and a nap for S, we went over to my aunt’s house for dinner and to enjoy her pool. It was S’s first time in a big pool and he had a lot of fun! My parents and brother were there as well, and we all had a nice visit.


Pool time

Sunday morning we went out for breakfast with friends. It was great to get to see them, and the food was delicious! Shortly after we left, S developed a fever and did not feel well, so we took it easy for the rest of the day.

Today, S’s fever has gone down a lot, but he is still a bit crabby and tired, so we will be taking it easy.

How was your weekend?