Thursday Thoughts

Time for a Thursday Thoughts link up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!

~I just noticed that I have really only been writing Weekend Recap posts and Thursday Thoughts posts. Originally I meant to write more specific things on this blog, so I think I will try a bit harder to get back to adding a few things in here and there.
~Remember how I was fretting over which type of cup/bottle to have my parents give S his expressed breast milk in while I was away? Yeah, he didn’t want any of the milk while we were apart. So now I am convinced that he just nurses for the comfort, in lieu of a pacifier.
~I haven’t taken S to the playground in forever. Sure, we go sometimes on the weekend with B, but we haven’t gone just the two of us in a while. So, I took him today and he did great! I remembered that we stopped because he would run off and it was too much for just me, but he was a lot better about it today so we will go back soon for sure! And I stopped the “We’re leaving the playground” tantrum by asking him if he had fun and telling him we’d come back soon. Surely it won’t always be that easy, but I was impressed today!
~We get four subscription boxes now. I really wish they came one each week instead of all within a week of each other (or less). Spread it out a little.
~S is pretty much down to one nap per day now. I miss my two nap free time, but I also like that we can do more out of the house now. We just need to get better at moving in the morning, especially on the weekends.
~I am so nervous for the next HoH on Big Brother. I want this new 3AM alliance to go far, and I know if Helen wins HoH then she’ll start trying to break it up. Boo. So, fingers crossed for McCrae or Amanda to win HoH.
~Yesterday when S went down for his nap, I instantly forgot all of the things I wanted to get done while he slept. But today I made a list! Ah ha!

What’s on your mind today?