Thursday Thoughts

Time for a Thursday Thoughts link up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!

-I cannot believe that S will be 20 months old tomorrow. Where has the time gone? I am also hoping that he is very well behaved at my friends’ rehearsal dinner tomorrow. Very well behaved indeed!

-I an overexcited for tonight’s Big Brother double eviction. I cannot wait to see what happens and who is evicted! I know B will roll his eyes when I say I want to watch it live, but I do, so there.

-I didn’t watch the AGT elimination show, and I didn’t look up who made it through yet. Oops?

-Our Target didn’t really have any good toy clearance this time around. I suppose it is a good thing since I really didn’t need to buy any more toys for S. I already have more than enough for his birthday and Christmas and miscellaneous cheer ups. But I still bought a few things. Most of the offerings at our store were for much older children, so those got to stay at the store. Oh well.

-I have the new David Sedaris book on loan through the library’s downloadable audiobook service. In my opinion David Sedaris’ works are best enjoyed when he reads them aloud himself. I missed the deadline to download it the last time it was available for me and I had to get back in line. This time I shall not miss out! I have already listened to the first ‘disc’ and it is great, as usual. If you aren’t familiar with David Sedairs, what are you waiting for? He’s hilarious.

-My to do list for tomorrow feels super long, but it also includes two parties, so it will be a very fun day!

What’s on your mind today?