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Thursday Thoughts

Time for a Thursday Thoughts link up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!

-Okay, you win America. I am starting to not like Amanda on Big Brother any more. She was horrible last night!! Not that I like Elissa, AT ALL, but no one deserves to be treated like that.

-I joined a box exchange in a facebook group I am in, and I am having a lot of fun making up a box of fun stuff for another family. So much fun that I usually forget that we will be receiving a box for S as well, ha ha.

-I hate when we don’t get any mail. I end up checking the box all day thinking that maybe the mail is just late.

-I took S to the nearby daycare center yesterday to check it out and make sure it wasn’t, you know, a hole. He loved it. I cried, and he played with all the little kids while I had a tour of the rest of the building. He was very upset when it was time to leave. So, I signed him up for 2 days/week while I will do my new part time job. Fingers crossed it goes well for everyone: S, Me, B, my new employer, the daycare staff, etc.

-Now that I have even less free time, I decided it was a great time to get S’s Child Model permit so he can potentially model for Fisher Price. How fun would that be? I’ve been sitting on all of the paperwork since February. Oops.

What’s on your mind today?


This past weekend we took S for his very first haircut! I was very anxious about it, as I really loved his long curls, but they were getting a bit our of hand and snarly, so it was time. Than, and a lot of old ladies kept thinking he was a girl, and I was getting tired of it.

Pre haircut curls

Pre haircut curls

We were prepared with my iPad as a distraction for S. We took him to the same hair stylist that both B and I got to and have gone to for years (she did my hair for my wedding six years ago, and I had been seeing her since before then too!) I felt a lot better about taking him to her than taking S to say, Supercuts. No offense Supercuts.

Anyway, S didn’t even notice or care that his hair was being cut. All he cared about was playing his Elmo app, so it was great. He only really needed his hair cut in the back and on the sides, so that probably helped a lot as well. He did not like the hairdryer at the end, trying to blow some hair off of his back, but that’s to be expected I think.


Just let me play Elmo!

So, here’s his hair, freshly cut. It took me a day or two to get used to it, but I was happy with it from the start. I do miss his bouncy curls when he runs up and down the hallway, but he’s still my little boy, and that’s all that matters!

Ta da!

Ta da!

The rest of the weekend was spent setting up a workspace for me to use for my new job, and playing outside with S. Oh, and running errands, but that’s boring! We spent a lot of time on the patio playing with the water table and S’s golf set, and we also checked out a new-to-us playground near our house. S loved it.

How was your weekend?

Love with Food is a monthly subscription box that sends gourmet food samples to your doorstep. What I love about this company is that they donate a meal to a hungry child for each box you buy. Love with food costs $10/month plus $2 shipping, so it is a pretty good deal!

August 2013 Love With Food box

August 2013 Love With Food box

This month’s theme is Backyard BBQ. All of the snacks are “to help you chill while you grill” and it is right up our alley!



Snapea Crisps from Harvest Snaps – I loved these! B, not so much, and S will eat just about anything, so that doesn’t tell you much. They were light and crispy, kind of like a cheese puff, only made from peas. Again, I liked them, but I can see how it might not be to everyone’s liking. More for me!

Original Creamy Praline from Aunt Sally’s – This was very creamy and melts in your mouth. I liked it as a treat for sure!

All Natural Spice Rub from The Dizzy Pig BBQ Co. – B was very excited about this, and now he wants to try a bunch of other rubs, or even experiment with making his own. I guess he was really talking it up at work too. It’s nice to see him excited about a subscription box, ha ha! This was enough for two chicken breasts, and they were delicious. The rub had a slight kick to it, but it wasn’t too much for me (I like everything mild-to-medium, B likes things medium-to-hot and he still thought it had a kick) B asked me to take a picture of the cooked chicken to put on the blog, (he was proud of it) so here it is:



Crunchers from Sahale Snacks – This was a kind of trail mix snack with almonds, sesame seeds, and cranberries. It was a nice change from my usual snacks.

All Natural Salsa from El Pinto -We haven’t tried this yet, but I like how it is in a little container like a travel applesauce or pudding. It would be great to take on a picnic.

Sea Salt Potato Crisps from Good Boy Organics – I was not a fan of these. They are actually made from potato flakes and they taste like it. B finished these, and I got the Snapeas and we were both happy.

Sugar-Free Fresh Mints from Project7 -I did not expect these to have as strong of a mint flavor as they do. I was pleasantly surprised. And they aren’t very hard, so you can chew them pretty easily, which again was a shock to me do to the size of each mint. I’d buy more of these.

Amsterdam Waffle Cookie from Rip van Wafels – We are saving this for the weekend when we are both drinking coffee at the same time. It is recommended that you warm this cookie over a mug of a hot beverage before you eat it, so that is what we want to do!

I really liked this month’s box, and B was excited about it as well. We’ll eat everything, so that is a huge plus. In fact, most of it is already gone, ha ha!

Did you get a Love with Food Box this month? What did you think?

Are you itching to get the September box? Sign up here and try using promo code: FBGIFT to get your first box for free (just pay $2shipping)!



This post contains referral links. If you sign up for a Love with Food box through my link, I will get points to use towards future purchases.

I was not compensated to provide this review. As always, all opinions are my own.

Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box service geared toward kids ages 0-5. The items you receive are specifically selected for your child’s gender and age group.

August 2013 Citrus Lane Box

August 2013 Citrus Lane Box

S received the 21 month old boy box this month. Here is what was inside:



Crocodile Creek 5″ Playground Ball – S LOVES this! He loves balls and he loves trucks, so this is perfect for him. He has been carrying it around since we opened the box up yesterday. So cute!



Ouchies Jr. Adhesive Bandages – Again with the trucks! These are great. I know that a lot of kids insist on wearing bandages even when they don’t need to, so we will be prepared if S ever gets to be like that. We’ve never needed to put a bandage on him, but I know that day is coming with my rough and tumble boy. It is good to be prepared!



Barefoot Books Octopus Opposites by Stella Blackstone and Stephanie Bauer – We love Barefoot Books, so this is a welcome addition to our collection! I love the bright colors, and S has been really into his other opposites books lately, so this will be great.



Plum Organics Fruit Straws – We love getting snacks in our Citrus Lane boxes, and this is no exception. My only concern is that these might be a little old for S, but I think if I cut them up for him that it will probably be fine.


Hand Sanitizing Wipes

CleanWell All Natural Hand Sanitizing Wipes – I love hand sanitizing wipes, but we have never tried this brand before. They have an orange vanilla scent that is going to take some getting used to, but these will be used up for sure. S has been using the ball to knock this canister over, and he thinks it is great fun!



This month’s box also included a free trial offer from FabKids and a set of cardboard bowling pins to decorate and play with with the ball.

All told, this was one of my favorite Citrus Lane boxes that we have received. We will use everything, and S loves it all, as usual. I am just hoping that they come out with a discount code for 6 month memberships soon.

Did you get a Citrus Lane box this month? What did you think of it? And what was inside?!

Check out my past reviews of Citrus Lane Boxes here.


*This post contains referral links. I will earn Citrus Lane credit toward future purchases if you sign up for a monthly Citrus Lane subscription after clinking on my link. Thanks in advance!

*All opinions are my own. I was not compensated to provide this review.

Thursday Thoughts

Time for a Thursday Thoughts link up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!

~I am the only person who likes Amanda from Big Brother? I would be totally cool with it if she won the whole thing.
~Did you SEE the commercial for Survivor: Blood vs Water during Big Brother last night? It looks awesome! And then you can read about all of the twists and turns and new rules here in this article. I am really looking forward to this season!
~Tomorrow is my last day as a stay at home mom. I am excited to have a new job and get to use my librarian skills again, but I am also sad because S and I have been doing great. 20.5 months is a pretty good SAHM run though. Much longer than I expected, and I loved every minute of it. I am going to be sad to leave S while I work, but my mom is going to watch him until we figure everything out in terms of my new schedule, so that makes it a little easier. I know he’ll be in great hands.
~This weekend we have to find room in the house for my new workspace. My new job is a work at home gig, but I will have to be at the local university library a lot (thus S stays with grandma!) We’re hoping to get me set up in the guest room. I think it is the best choice because the room gets used maybe 14 days/year by guests, and this way my workspace won’t be in any other space that I regularly use. I want to be able to separate work from home, and that becomes more challenging when you work AT home. I think this is the best solution for the moment.

What’s on your mind today?

August 2013 Hammock Pack

August 2013 Hammock Pack

Hammock Pack is a monthly subscription box service that sends everything you need to take a mini getaway without actually going away! Hammock Pack costs $25/month plus $5 shipping. They ship USPS priority mail and it is the fastest box I get each month. Everything else takes about a week, but Hammock Pack takes two days. Love.

This month’s theme was “Hot Air Balloon Ride”. I wasn’t really sure what that meant, but the info card tells me that it means the box contains healthy snacks to enjoy on your ride and hair accessories to keep your hair looking nice.


Breakfast cookie

Morning Sunshine Breakfast Cookie – This cookie is huge! I mean, it is big around, sure, but it is probably an inch tall too. Maybe more! I definitely think it would fill me up at breakfast time.


Hand Cream

Deep Steep Hand Cream – I received the tangerine melon scent. I have heard a lot of good things about Deep Steep, but I am not sure this is for me. My skin is sensitive so I am leery about trying new stuff out. Has anyone else with sensitive skin tried this?


Hair Ties

TwistBand Hair Ties – I have always admired this style of hair tie, but I have never bothered to buy any of them, or make any of them myself. I always wondered if the little knot would snag my hair, so I was excited to try them out this morning as an experiment. I am happy to report that my hair was NOT snagged on these, and they even seem to hold my hair better than my usual elastic ties. I really like these colors too, as they go well with most of my wardrobe!


Bobby Pins

Jane Tran Bobby Pins – These were the main item in this month’s Hammock Pack. They are really cute with the polka dot design.


Chai Bliss Almonds

Olomomo Nuts Chai Bliss Almonds – I wasn’t sure what to think of these at first, but I did like them. They are sweet and, of course, taste like chai tea.

What I missed from this month’s box was something to do. June had a book to read, July had the drink mix to invite your friends over to drink with you, but this box doesn’t have anything like that. I still enjoyed it though!

This was the last pack in the three month subscription that my parents gave me for my birthday. I definitely like the idea behind Hammock Pack, and I plan to look into extending my subscription.

Did you get a Hammock Pack this month? What did you think?


I was not compensated to provide this review. All opinions, as always, are my own.


August 2013 Goodies Co Tasters Box #3

Goodies Co. is a monthly subscription box service that sends 5-8 sample sized food products right to your door for $7/month. Each month the boxes vary slightly in terms of which flavors you get. I am not sure how many different boxes went out this month, but I received Tasters Box #3.


Tasters Box #3 contents

I didn’t take individual photos of each item this month. I feel like you can probably see most of the details from this picture though.

Hershey’s Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix by General Mills – B was really excited about this. We will make these for sure, but probably not until the weather cools off a little.
Sea Salt & Butter Poplets by Rocky Mountain Popcorn – I must say I was not a fan of these. I thought I would be, but they are pretty much just kernels of popcorn that are hard and crunchy. I usually try to avoid pieces like these when we make popcorn…
Nature Valley Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola Thins by General Mills – I used to take these to work with me as a snack. I remember liking them, so I am glad to get more.
Fiber One Chocolate Fudge Brownie by General Mills – I’m not sure how I feel about these, but I haven’t tried it yet either. I’ll probably break into them when I have a chocolate craving and we don’t have any Oreos.

Southern Pecan Pronto Instant Coffee Drink by Barnie’s – I will totally make this some day when B is out of town for work. I’m not good at making coffee, so I am always looking for substitutes when he is on the road.

Tangy Zangy by Morris National, Inc. – These have B’s name all over them. He loves sour candies.
Mott’s Medleys Assorted Fruit Snacks by General Mills – I have been wanting to try these for a while, but I never really felt like buying a whole box, you know? So I am glad to be able to try them without having to commit to a whole box of them. 

All in all I thought it was a nice box this month. It was a nice mix of items, and we will use most/all of them!

Did you get a Goodies Co. Tasters Box this month? What was in yours?

If you’d like to sign up for a Goodies Co. box, try using the code GOODIESCOFANOFTHEWEEK to skip the line and reduce your wait time!


I received this box for free for being the Goodies Co fan of the week on Facebook last month. I was not compensated to provide this review. As always, all opinions are my own.

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