Thursday Thoughts

Time for a Thursday Thoughts link up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!

~I had such fun hunting around Target yesterday for misplaced Summer Clearance items. I was all over that store and back a few times that I wish I had a pedometer on to see how much I walked!
I bought some gardening tools for S to use next summer, a few chalk a doos for next summer, a slushy magic (maybe S will drink chocolate milk if I slush it up?), and cling wrap for 90% off. I also bought a single serve trail mix for 50% off and altogether it was $4.01. Amazing! It makes me want to go back to a different Target today, but I probably won’t have the time.
~I never remember soon enough to vote for things on Big Brother. I wait until maybe the next afternoon or the day after that (if I even remember at all) and by then voting is closed. Do they expect people to just run to their computers and vote right then? Or probably use their smartphones. I do not have a smartphone, CBS, and voting on your website with my iPad is super annoying.
~Whenever I inform S that nap time is in a few minutes he starts in on saying “No.” It is so funny because he just keeps calmly saying “No.” every few seconds and shaking his head ever so slightly. He just goes on for at least a minute each time, and he probably says “No.” at least twenty times. I tried to take a video of it, but he was distracted by the camera.
~I am on the hunt for a second Elmo plush. I have succeeded in getting S to use Elmo as his lovie, so now I need a spare. Of course the Elmos are usually out of stock. Blast! I should have tried to get him attached to a lesser loved, more readily available Muppet…like Murray. There are always a bunch of Murrays in the bin and they always get my hopes up, thinking they are Elmo.

What’s on your mind today?