July 2013 Tasters Box #2

Goodies Co. is a monthly subscription box service that sends 5-8 sample sized food products right to your door for $7/month. Each month the boxes vary slightly in terms of which flavors you get. I am not sure how many different boxes went out this month, but I received Tasters Box #2.


First look

The little card explains that they used a smaller box this month because they sent smaller things. I am also pretty sure that last month’s box was not green, but I like the green. I hope it is here to stay!

Second look

Second look

The box was neatly packed. I liked how there was a divider so the drink didn’t roll around and crush the other snacks.


Black Raspberry Fruit Water by Coca Cola

This was a little too fizzy for my tastes. Or perhaps not fizzy enough. I liked the taste of it, but it either should have had less carbonation to be more like water, or more carbonation to be more like pop. This was in between and it confused me.


Caramel by Cosmo Creations

These are great! They remind me of Corn Pops cereal, only they are caramel flavored. If I saw these at the store, I’d pick them up for sure!


Multi-Seed Crackers – Original by Crunchmaster

I haven’t tried these yet, and I think I will save them for when we have some cheese to go with.


Fresh Corn and Sea Salt Chips by Sugar Foods

I liked these a lot! It was a nice alternative to a tortilla chip, and it had a nice crunch.


Cherry Lovers by Gimbal’s

These are delicious! They are just like jelly beans, but they are all some kind of cherry flavor (Wild Cherry, Chocolate Cherry, etc). They are a great texture too: not too chewy.

Overall, I’d say it was a good box this month. We liked almost everything inside, and it was a nice treat. It would have been nice to get 1-2 more items though, especially since the last two boxes were pretty stuffed!

Did you get a Goodies Co. Tasters Box this month? What was in yours?

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I was not compensated to provide this review. As always, all opinions are my own.