Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box service geared toward kids ages 0-5. The items you receive are specifically selected for your child’s gender and age group.


July 2013 Citrus Lane Box

S received the 20 month old boy box this month. Here is what was inside:



Melissa & Doug Wooden Peg Puzzle – $7.99 – Citrus Lane admits that they are sending this puzzle a little early (it is for kids 2+) but I don’t mind at all! S loves his other Melissa & Doug puzzles, and he already has been working on some 2+ ones. He needs a little bit of help, but he can do them. This one will be a bit more challenging for him though, as the pieces aren’t as chunky as his other puzzles. I can already imagine the games we will play with this to learn numbers!


Snack Stack

ZoLi SUMO Snack Stack – $14.50 – My first thought was “Not more plastic food containers!” but that was quickly replaced with ideas of all of the times this will be super handy to have. I know we will be sending it to my parents’ house next month when they watch S overnight for us. Each container holds one cup of food, and they all screw into each other. It even has a handle that you can use to attach it to your stroller or diaper bag. Would I pay $14.50 for this? No. But I will use it for sure!


Instant cold packs

Me4Kidz Cool It Buddy Instant Cold Pack – $2.99 – I thought these were reusable ice packs, but they are not. They are instant cold packs to use when you are out and about. These are going straight into the car for sure!

GoGo Squeeze Appleberry pouch

All sealed up!

GoGo squeeZ Appleberry pouch – $.99 – I LOVE how they shipped these sealed in plastic. We have never had a problem with food leaking in our subscription boxes, but I still think this is a great idea just in case. We have never tried GoGo squeeZ products, but S loves pouches and I know he will love this.

Also included is a code for 10 free Postagrams ($10 value). Postagram allows you to send a real postcard using a photo from your mobile device. I know we will be trying these out!

Happy baby!

Happy baby!

I came out with a value of $36.47 for this box using a combination of MSRP and prices (whichever was cheaper). I personally really like this month’s box, and S is always excited to open his Citrus Lane box. You just can’t put a price on that look on his happy little face when he sees the Citrus Lane box waiting for him.

Did you get a Citrus Lane box this month? What did you think of it? And what was inside?!

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