Munchit is a new subscription box service that sends out healthy snacks once a week. I signed up for Munchit about a week ago when they were (maybe still are? Depends on when you are reading this!) running a promotion where the first 300 people to sign up would receive a free box. So this box was free for me! Munchit regularly costs $3.58/week, including shipping. They only ship to certain states though, so check here to see if your state is included.

When you sign up you check off which snack mixes, tea flavors, candy flavors and gum flavors you’d be interested in receiving, and then each week they pick one of your choices from each category to create a box just for you! The snacks they make are all natural, and in fact, everything the send is all natural. Excellent!

The box

The box

Like I said, I signed up last week. Then I promptly forgot about it. Today when I got the mail I thought that I received checks and I was confused until I saw the Munchit label. But that should give you an idea of the size of this box.

First Look

First Look

Everything arrived safe and sound. I noticed the little note “Enjoy your box” from whoever packed this box for me. Such a nice touch!

All the contents

All the contents

Munchit doesn’t come with an information card, most likely because it would be such a chore to create one every week for all of their subscribers with individualized preferences. Happily, everything is easily identifiable. They even include a napkin to clean up when you’re done snacking. Another nice touch!


Route 66 snack mix

This mix is made up of organic golden flaxseed, whole natural almonds, golden raisins and sun-dried cranberries. It was delicious! S even asked for some and scarfed down a bunch of cranberries and raisins. I had to cut him off, or else he would have eaten the whole thing. (Except the almonds. Relax, I don’t give my 19 month old whole nuts!) The cranberries and raisins, while they are dried fruit, were nice and moist. Nothing worse than a dry raisin, and there are no dry raisins here!


Stash tea, Glee gum and GoOrganic ginger candy

The gum was four square pieces and had a nice mint flavor. I chewed them two at a time, and the flavor didn’t last a very long time, but long enough to freshen your breath.

I really liked the ginger candy. It had a great flavor that wasn’t too overpowering.

The tea, well, it’s really hot outside lately so drinking hot tea isn’t going to happen. Maybe later!

And I didn’t take a close up picture of the paper napkin. I trust you can use your imaginations.

All in all I like the idea of Munchit! I wish there was an option to get it every other week, but that’s not really much of a complaint. For only $3.58/week it is a great deal!


I received this box for free for being one of the first 300 subscribers. No compensation was received to provide this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.