Thursday Thoughts

Time for a Thursday Thoughts link up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!

  • For being an uneventful week after a long weekend, this week sure is flying by quickly! Thursday already? Yes please!
  • American Baking Competition Spoiler Alert! So, I was cheering for Francine, and I would have been okay with Darlene winning, but Brian? Sigh. I don’t want that cookbook at all. I was pretty sure he was going to win when he gave that whole ‘humbling experience’ speech to the judges at the beginning. They had to show him as a more likeable guy since he won the whole darn thing. Was it just me or did they edit him completely differently for this episode too? I suppose I can forgive his cocky attitude, but I don’t remember any of his recipes sounding overly delicious to me. Like I said, I don’t want his cookbook.
  • Big Brother…I am really hoping for a Moving Company upset tonight. I had picked Nick to win at the beginning, but he needs to go to make it more interesting to watch. I wonder if they kind of lead the house guests to see what they aren’t seeing during their diary room sessions. I also cannot believe that this show has been on for 15 years. Thinking about that makes my head hurt a lot.
  • I stayed up late educating myself about the Tour de France, and then S woke up at 6AM yelling/whining for B. Now I am extra tired and I should go take a nap. But at least I have a better idea of what a time trial is.
  • It has been a slow mail week. Monday we got lots and lots of junk, Tuesday we didn’t get anything, and Wednesday we received one piece of junk mail. I hope we get something exciting today!
  • I also need to work on teaching S the appropriate times to say ‘Me!’ Yesterday I taught him to say it, but not in response to anything, but just to prove he could. Actually strike that, I should be getting him to say “I do!” so that later I don’t have to correct his grammar. Yes. Proper grammar from the start! And he can already say “I do!”

What’s on your mind today?