So What Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, so that means I’m linking up with Life after I Dew for So What Wednesdays!

So what if…

  • I am going to be putting my DVR to work tonight! Big Brother, American Baking Competition, America’s Got Talent, Futurama, Camp, The Soup.
  • I kind of want to see the Moving Company implode on Big Brother sooner rather than later. If they don’t, then I think it is going to make for a boring season.
  • S wanted to have croutons for his snack yesterday afternoon. And I let him have a few.
  • I have started shopping for 3T clothes for S. He is no where near needing them, only just barely fitting into 18 month stuff, but I already have most of the 24 month/2T clothes we will need, and I have to check the Target clearance racks in the toddler department. I cannot go to Target and not check the clearance. It is impossible.
  • We didn’t get any mail yesterday, but I kept checking the mailbox because I wasn’t sure if maybe our mail was just super late. But no, no mail. I am hoping for some good mail today!
  • I think I have completely lost track of time and I don’t have a clear idea which subscription boxes will be coming this month and when they will be arriving. I guess I will just be surprised.

What are you saying “So What?!” to today?