The shampoo that we like is only available at Walgreens around here, and occasionally it goes on sale for about 50% off. Of course, that is when I like to stock up. We are running low, so I have been checking Walgreens just about each week to see if it is on sale yet (no luck). Last time I went in I had S with me and I thought I’d just carry him or let him walk since we only needed the shampoo. I made the rookie mommy mistake of allowing him to go up the toy aisle for a few minutes before remembering I needed a bridal shower card and trying to head over to the card aisle to look. I quickly found a card despite the squirmy baby in my arms who now wanted to get back to the toys. I just wanted to pay and go home. As you can imagine, a temper tantrum ensued at the check out line.

Yesterday we needed shampoo, sale or no sale. Forgetting the previous visit’s meltdown, I made the exact same mistakes of letting S walk and taking him up the toy aisle. Honestly, why I didn’t just put him in a cart I don’t know. This time at the check out, he saw the automatic doors open when another group of people came in. And off he went. Toward the first set of doors. I was immediately behind him, leaving my purse and half completed transaction at the register. He didn’t make it anywhere near getting outside before I got him, but yeah, lesson learned. S cannot be trusted. Carts from now on. (Relax, he was never more than five feet from me, and I had eyes on him at all times.)

One of my friends once told me that the hardest age range for parenting is 6 months-2 years because they want to get into everything but they can’t follow rules. Only five more months til it gets easier I guess!