My goodness did we have a full weekend! I feel like my weekend started on Wednesday and just kept going through Sunday. I am kind of relieved that today is Monday and things are getting back to normal actually!

B’s parents and sister came to visit us over the 4th, arriving on Wednesday afternoon. We colored and played with S outside until B got home from work and grilled up some hot dogs. S loves playing with everyone so he had a great time, and he was showing of some new skills and breaking out some new words too. He said yellow and blue for the first time, and Thursday morning he said “Thank you” for the first time ever, and at an appropriate time and totally unprompted no less!

Wednesday night the fireworks started up in the neighborhood. There was one party about a block away that had some amazing ones, so we enjoyed watching those.

Thursday we went to the Botanical Gardens because they had a garden railway exhibit set up that we didn’t want to miss. I hadn’t been to the Botanical Gardens in years, and no one else had ever been there, and we all had a really nice time! Everything was beautiful! We had fun with the garden scavenger hunt they gave us when we arrived, and S really liked the displays with the fish. The trains were a big hit as well, and they were set up at toddler height so it was perfect for S!



They also had a kids’ play area set up, and S played in a sandbox for the very first time. He LOVED it. They had a dump truck in it and he spent his time filling it up with sand. There were no other kids playing there either, so he had the run of the place.

Sandbox fun

Sandbox fun

At home, S napped while I went to Kohl’s with B’s mom and sister. I tried on so many shirts, and actually found some that I liked. Now I just need to get rid of some old ones… But the main reason I wanted to go was to get the Curious George stuff that makes up the new Kohl’s Cares collection. S loves Curious George so I knew we needed to get him the stuffed Curious George. His aunt bought him the stuffed puppy and he was one happy baby when we got back home and gave them to him. He barks at the stuffed dog, and insists on having both the dog and George in his arms at the same time. I am going to have to go back and get some of the books for sure! I don’t know why I didn’t just buy them then..?

We had some delicious grilled chicken fajitas for our 4th of July barbecue, and we also did a little gardening with the plants that B’s mom brought us from her garden. Everyone left after dinner, and later that night our neighborhood had even more fireworks! I went outside to watch from the driveway, and I coughed from all of the smoke in the air as soon as a stepped outside. That’s how many and how close they were! I am shocked that S slept through it all, but thankfully he did.

Friday morning we took it easy after our busy 4th. B took the day off from work, and it was nice to have him home! In the afternoon I went to my friend’s bachelorette party and left B and S to fend for themselves! We were shocked to realize that B had never taken S anywhere without me, but I am pleased to report that they had a successful outing to the playground. I had also never been away from S for so long (5 and a half hours) but I survived and so did he! Thankfully he was on his best behavior for his daddy so everyone had a nice afternoon. For my part, I met up with my friends on the waterfront, and then we all had dinner together. It was nice to have some girl time for sure, and great to celebrate with everyone.

Saturday we discovered we were out of coffee, so we opted to go our for breakfast! We went to the same restaurant we went to for my birthday a few weeks ago, and everything was delicious. Afterward, we had a brief stop at the farmers market before heading over to the local DEC woods for a walk/hike. The lily ponds were in bloom so we wanted to be sure to check those out. We didn’t stay too long because S was having none of it, but it was really hot and humid so I cant say I blame him at all!

Lily pond

Lily pond

Sunday S had fun with my dad and brother while B and I had fun at a Jack & Jill bridal shower. They had it outside at a park along the canal and it was a pretty nice day for it. The food was delicious and it was good to get to see everyone and celebrate with them again! (This was for the same wedding as the bachelorette on Friday was for) Of course B hadn’t seen everyone on Friday and there were a lot more people at the shower. I am really excited for this wedding as the guests are all a fun group of people and the bride and groom are really going the extra mile to make it a fun filled weekend with events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday so there will be plenty of time to socialize and celebrate with everyone!


How was your weekend?