I really didn’t take any photos this weekend, but we did have a lot of fun! Saturday we all ran out in a hurry because B heard a train on the scanner. We wanted to show S his first train, and we made it to the crossing with about three minutes to spare! B took pictures of the train while I held S. S was excited to see the train, but he was scared of all the noise as it passed us! The engineer tooted the horn (lightly) for us as he went by, but the noise that really got S was all of the train cars rumbling on the tracks. It was really loud! On our way home we hit up the Farmers’ Market and we bought a ton of fruits and vegetables!

While S napped, B suggested I take the opportunity to get out of the house and I was not about to say no to that! I went to Target and tried on some clothes, and then mainly wandered around aimlessly through the store. It was a nice change from having to entertain a toddler while shopping for diapers!

After his nap, we took S outside to play, and B and I pulled some weeds from our back flower garden. Last year when we moved in we had just missed the flowers blooming, so we haven’t seen them yet. B’s mom told me what they were, but I forgot. Only one has bloomed so far and it is orange colored. I think it is a lily?

We found out that my parents were going to be out our way (at Target no less) so we invited them for dinner on the patio! S had fun showing off his outdoor toys, and he thought it was hilarious to splash me, my mom and my brother with water from his water table! He seems to be back to himself after Friday’s very moody day. S even ate his whole hot dog just about as fast as I could cut it for him.

On Sunday morning we went back out after the same train because none of B’s pictures turned out!! His camera’s settings were all off from photographing the super moon last week! Unfortunately we missed the train on Sunday so we still don’t have pictures of it, or of S seeing his “first” train. Oh well! I am sure he will see many more trains with his daddy.

We planned to lay low for the rest of the day. B mowed the lawn, and then we went to our next door neighbor’s garage sale. They had rang our doorbell saying to please come take some baby boy clothes, or else they were being donated. Who could resist that? We picked out a bunch of stuff for S in his current size and the next size up. We found out they sold their house to a single mom with three daughters: 2, 4 and 14 years old. Not the young couple with a toddler boy we were hoping for, but not bad! And they told us about a babysitter in the neighborhood, so we were glad to hear about her! S had fun playing with the kids, and B bought him a puzzle. I bought us lemonade from their lemonade stand, and we also bought a cookie for S. He LOVED it. I tried to take it from him when we walked home (so he wouldn’t drop it) but he wanted none of that. Surprisingly he didn’t drop it, so phew!

Later we played with the kiddie pool in the backyard. S was SOAKED, but he had a lot of fun. And today it is raining, so I am glad we were able to spend as much time outside as we did this weekend!