S has been in a mood lately as he is cutting two molars and one front tooth, the poor guy! Friday was probably the worst day yet in terms of his moodiness, and to make matters worse he would not nap! I tried putting him down twice, but he just cried and whimpered so I got him back up.

I needed to go to the grocery store, and unfortunately is was looking like I would have to take a cranky, overtired kid to the store since he wouldn’t nap! So we loaded up in the car and headed off. I went to a different store than usual because this one was having a sale on cereal and we had some store coupons as well. I told S he needed to be on his best behavior, and we went inside.

First up, I needed bagels from the bakery department. I was having a hard time finding them and was was concentrating pretty intently on my search when I noticed someone behind the counter end her phone call urgently with “I’ve gotta go!!” and then she came running out yelling “Hey! Hey!” I ignored her, figuring someone behind us was doing something stupid. She repeated “Hey! Hey!” and approached us almost at a run. I stopped, and she asked if S wanted a cookie. That was the emergency: a toddler is here and I want to offer him a cookie! Seriously lady?

In my head, I’m thinking “No, he doesn’t need a cookie. He threw not only his own lunch but also MY lunch on the ground earlier, and he is super cranky!” But on the other hand, she already offered it, and if I refused S would be even more cranky and I still had ALL of my shopping to do. Harrumph! So, S got a cookie. We thanked her and moved along.

image(7)He held on to the cookie, dumbfounded, for a few minutes, and then he started eating it like a chipmunk who couldn’t believe his luck.

image(8)At least he was being quiet.

But then, as I had not anticipated an eager bakery lady jumping out at us to give S any cookies, I had nothing with which to clean his face off. So he spent the rest of our outing with chocolate on his face. I could just feel the judging eyes of everyone we came across. “Look at that kid’s dirty face. Why doesn’t she clean him up?” Of course, probably no one was even looking at us at all, much less judging us. I think I just really needed a nap too!


Looking at the pictures now, his face really isn’t all that bad, but it is much dirtier than I usually have his face so I was super conscious of it!


Have you ever heard of someone so excitedly giving out cookies to kids?

And if you were wondering, S took regular naps on Saturday and again today! Phew!