When did the Internet become all about slideshows and videos? I hate when I see a link to a story I am interested in, click on it, and then a video shows up. No, I don’t want to watch it, I want to read it. Can someone transcribe it for me and let me know when it is ready? Please?

And slideshows. Today I clicked on a link for the ten best plants for kids to grow. I expected a list to easily scan and then I would have the knowledge and be done with that website. But no. It was a slideshow. I don’t need a picture of chives to know what they are. Just give me a list. I know you want me to stay on your website longer and look at all of your sponsor ads, but I just want to learn and move along. What really grinds my gears in the ad that is placed in the middle of the slideshow, so that I ten item list becomes a twelve item slideshow. Who has time for that?

I remember when the Internet was all about geocities, auto play midi files, and flashy gifs. I miss those days.