Today S and I went to the zoo with my mom and my brother. It was a lot of fun! I hadn’t been there since last summer, and they have made a lot of progress on their new entrance. It is going to be NICE when it is finished!



We started out with the giraffes. There are four giraffes, but I only got three in this shot. Oh well. S liked them! There is a small exhibit next to the giraffes that we went into where they have birds and these really mean looking rodents. S reached out to point to one and it ran away so suddenly that it left S trembling in fear. Poor kid! We quickly left and went back outside!



We came across this peacock. Aren’t the feathers beautiful? S wasn’t very interested, but we we able to calm down and get back in the stroller. We saw some hyenas and the tiger before heading into the gorilla house.



Don’t you feel like that some days? It would only be better if the baby gorilla was running around this gorilla, happily playing. Ha ha. Poor gorilla.


S and the “ball exhibit”

Next we made our way outside again, and S was out of the stroller. It was a lot quieter out here, so he was able to stretch his legs and walk more freely without me freaking out about him running off into a crowd! I am pretty sure the exhibit in that picture above is empty, but S was really into the balls floating in the water.



Back inside, they put the capybaras back where they had been before. At least, I think these are capybaras. I just Googled how to spell capybara, and the images that came up look a bit different that this. Oh well. There were also some sort of primate in here and a sloth. I forgot to find out the name of those primates that S really liked last time, and they weren’t being as interesting this time anyhow. He liked this rodent though, capybara or not!


Polar bear cubs

We stumbled upon the polar bear cub exhibit (we thought it was somewhere else, oops). As you can imagine, there was a crowd. These two were putting on quite the show though, roughhousing, chasing, swimming, splashing. They were all over the place, and really enjoying their playtime! They were so much fun to watch, and I know B is jealous that he missed them. We will just have to go back though. I’m sure S won’t mind!

My camera was about ready to die after that, but we also saw the elephant and the farm animal exhibit. S also liked the miscellaneous seagulls flying around. We had fun, and it was a nice walk and a nice change of pace!