I asked my parents for a subscription to Hammock Pack for my birthday, and I could not be happier about it! They gifted me a three month subscription and I am already excited about the July box! Thanks Mom and Dad!

Hammock Pack is a monthly subscription box service that sends everything you need to take a mini getaway without actually going away! Hammock Pack costs $25/month plus $5 shipping. They ship USPS priority mail and it arrived very quickly! I was thrilled! This month’s theme was “Lake House Getaway”.

Everything came neatly packaged, and there was an information card!

First Look

First Look

The contents were protected with brown crinkled paper. S has loved playing with this for the past few days. He comes into the office, sees the Hammock Pack box and asks me to open it so he can play with the paper. He makes a huge mess, but it is easy to clean up for the next time!

Second Look

Let’s get started!

The main item in the box is a paperback book, Where’d You Go, Bernadette, by Maria Semple.


A good book!

I was not so sure about someone else picking a book for me, but I must say that I have hardly been able to put it down! I am halfway through it and it is really quite good so far! What I like is that it is written such that you are piecing together Bernadette’s personality and back story through a series of emails, letters, articles and encounters, so it is very easy to pick up and put down at anytime. No 20+ page chapters here! I don’t want to say much more about it, since I haven’t finished it yet and I don’t want to inadvertently give anything away, but it is good so far and I am anxious to find out what happens!

Next up is a package of Blum Naturals organic face wipes (10 wipes).


Blum Naturals Organic Face Wipes

I love that these are all individually wrapped. They are perfect for traveling with, and according to the information card they are great for wiping away makeup and sunscreen. I am planning to save these for our next (several) trips.

What’s a trip to the Lake House without a snack?


The Good Bean roasted chickpeas

 The Good Bean roasted chickpeas are delicious! I wasn’t sure what they would taste like, so I naturally had to open them immediately to find out! There are crunchy, but not hard, and nice and salty. The texture is kind of like a wasabi pea only without the wasabi.


Coconut water

Big Tree Farms Coconut Water. This is evaporated coconut water, which I had never heard of before! You are supposed to add this whole packet to 12 oz of water to help you stay hydrated. I am wondering if there are other things to do with it, like add it to a smoothie. I think I would like it best that way, but either way I will give it a go!


All Good Lips

Lastly, we have Elemental Herbs All Good Lips. It has SPF 18 to protect your lips, and it also gives your lips a slight color. Mine is ‘Maroon Creek’, and it is perfect because it is only a few shades from my natural lip color. It has a bit of a minty taste to it too, which I love!


June 2013 Hammock Pack

I admit, I was wowed by this month’s Hammock Pack. I cannot wait to see what next month’s theme is, and what comes inside!

Did you get a Hammock Pack this month? What did you think? Are you reading the book?!


I was not compensated to provide this review. All opinions, as always, are my own.