Today I am joining the Friday’s Letters link up with The Sweet Season!

Dear S, You are babbling constantly now! You sound like Greedo from Star Wars, and I hope someday you understand what that means and think it is funny! And thanks for being a trooper when we visited Great-grandma today at the nursing home. I know it can be a scary place, but you did a great job!

Dear B, Happy Friday! I’m glad it is the weekend and we all can relax for a few days!

Dear Garage Sales, You were awesome today! I still cannot believe I got a road play rug for S for only $2! And that my mom got those cute golf clubs for S for $2 too! I wish garage sales were this awesome every week!

Dear Big Brother, I am so excited to watch you all summer! Don’t disappoint!

Dear Hammock Pack, I loved this month’s pack! Such a great box! I’ll review you by early next week!

Dear Mom and Dad, Thanks for the Hammock Pack subscription for my birthday! I love it!

Dear Everyone, I hope you have a fun weekend!


Happy Friday everyone!!