Thursday Thoughts

Time for a Thursday Thoughts link up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!

  • Watching The American Baking Competition really makes me want to bake! But it is hot out, and we have almost an entire birthday cake leftover to eat, so it will not be this week! I think I will totally pick up some pretzels at Target today though because last night’s episode really made me want some pretzels too!
  • While I want the Bruins to win the Stanley Cup, I was really hoping Chicago would come through with a win last night because that would mean we get at least two more nights of Hockey Night in Canada and Don Cherry’s crazy suits! I took photos of them on the TV:
Don Cherry

June 17 and June 19 Don Cherry suits

  • There is less than one week left until Big Brother starts! I am hoping that it is really good this season, and also that no one is voted out before the first night is over. I always feel really badly for those people who don’t even get a chance to play when reality shows pull stuff like that!
  • I am expecting my Citrus Lane and Hammock Pack boxes today! I am so excited about them both! I love when Citrus Lane comes while S is napping and he sees it when he wakes up. His face brightens up when he sees that box waiting for him! So cute!
  • I had a really nice, low key birthday! B and S gave me two books and a copy of The Hobbit on DVD. Hopefully we can watch the movie this weekend! I am having a tough time deciding which book to read first though, and I think there is a book in the Hammock Pack this month too, so I had better decide quickly and get reading! I think when I finish these three I will be ready to go back to where I left off in A Storm of Swords. Hopefully!

What’s on your mind today?