So What Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, so that means I’m linking up with Life after I Dew for So What Wednesdays!

So what if…

  • I told S that for my birthday I wanted him to sleep in til at least 8AM. (He woke up at 7AM, which is an improvement, and I was wide awake anyhow.)
  • I want the same meal for my birthday each year? I am a creature of habit.
  • I don’t understand how this ‘schedule post’ thing works. I scheduled one for yesterday and it said I missed the schedule, but then when I checked, the post was there. What gives? Am I misusing this feature? Or simply misunderstanding its capabilities?
  • I started using Instagram even though I don’t have a smartphone. Most of my pictures will be of things around our house, as that is where the wifi is!
  • I am addicted to checking the tracking information of packages that I am expecting.

What are you saying “So What?!” to today?