This weekend we managed to do a lot, considering the fact that S decided that he needed to wake up super early both mornings! (Seriously kid, 5:45?!)

Saturday we went to the Farmers’ Market, and sadly the baker from last week was not set up to sell again. It was probably a good thing though, as we will have birthday cake to eat this week, so we didn’t really need almond paste pastries! We are hoping she is back sometime soon though, as everything we bought from her last week was delicious and cheap!

We also hit the grocery store and Target on Saturday. We finally bought an umbrella for our patio table! We enjoyed eating dinner outside so much more with the addition of that sun-blocking umbrella! And S received a sticker from the customer service desk at Target, so he was beside himself! Who knew they had stickers back there? It was a picture of the Target dog in a shopping cart saying “I buckled up for safety!” Cute!

B was happy on Saturday because he went out to take pictures of trains while S and I had a nap. Unfortunately he only caught three trains, but you can’t win ’em all!

On Sunday, Father’s Day, we had a nice relaxing morning at home. It was rainy, so that killed our plan to go on a hike in the afternoon, but there is always next weekend. I took the opportunity to hit a few stores while S and B had a nap, and then we went out to dinner with my parents to celebrate Father’s Day/my birthday.

We went to Buffalo Roadhouse, and S was so excited by all of the people and lighted signs. He LOVED the rolls, and he did a pretty good job on his grilled cheese sandwich and applesauce, too.

S enjoying a Buffalo Roadhouse roll

S enjoying a Buffalo Roadhouse roll

When we came home from dinner we Facetimed with B’s parents from the patio. S was excited to play and see Grandma and Grandpa at the same time. S LOVES being outside, to the point where if we open the doors for anything he asks to go play. I imagine he is thinking the following things when we open doors: “Oh, you’re taking some recycling out to the garage? Let’s go play outside!”, “Oh, the mail is here? We should go outside and play”, “I heard a truck go by. We should go outside and check it out and maybe play too!”. I am sure we will be outside a lot this summer!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun for Father’s Day?