Today I am joining the Friday’s Letters link up with The Sweet Season!

Dear S, I know you like the marshmallows in Lucky Charms. You still have to eat the cereal part too. No more of this hiding the cereal, pretending you’re all done and asking for more just to get the marshmallows! I’m on to you!

Dear B, I know I stressed a lot about the patio, fretting over whether it was the right decision and whatnot. But it is done now, we have enjoyed it, and you were right. There, I said it. You. Were. Right. 🙂

Dear Baker from the Farmer’s Market, Please be there again tomorrow! We need more of your delicious baked goods. Please bring many with almond paste in them. Om nom nom. Also, I hope you have a storefront that we can go visit from time to time!

Dear Everyone at Target, Yes, S has a bruise on his forehead. Please stop pointing it out! I feel badly that he has it, but he is a rough and tumble boy, and his doctor said he is fine, so chill. I got this.

Dear Michelle and Ray, Exactly one year until your wedding! B and I are so excited for you guys! Can’t wait!

Happy Friday everyone!!